All your tools,
your cursor

Anycursor is a writing assistant that lets you search and add content as you type, anywhere on the web

How it works?

Install Anycursor’s browser extension

One click in the Chrome web store.

Connect your apps

Setup your account by activating apps and content you want to get quick access to.

Enrich your writing

Whenever there’s a text box, there’s your content. Press | to quickly add links to docs, tasks, people, events, media and more from your favorite tools.

Built with privacy in mind

Your data remains where it is, in your favorite tools. No content is stored in Anycursor.

Stay in the flow

Eliminate the constant switching. Stay in the flow: no more back and forth between apps and windows.

Write faster

Add snippets, custom templates, AI prompts to accelerate your typing

Always in sync

Your apps, content and snippets are always with you. Set up once and install Anycursor on all your devices

Available anywhere

Anycursor goes with you anywhere on the web. Write in Gmail, Slack, Teams. Anywhere you can find a text box!



Easily create templates you use often. Place the cursor right where you want to type to jump to the middle.


What’s the date for next Friday? Quickly enter future dates to align on timelines and scheduling


Insert links from your browsing history


Share bookmarks from your collection


Search and add pages


Search and add issues and projects


Search and add issues and pull requests


Search and add Figma and FigJam files

Random Data Generator

Generate random data using Faker library

Lorem Ipsum

Quickly generate Lorem Ipsum placeholder text

Chat GPT

Send prompts directly to ChatGPT


Find requests for generative AI tools, or create your own

Custom Apps

Build your own apps via API and Webhooks

Coming soon

Request an app

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Want to distribute your app with Anycursor?

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Frequently asked questions

On which browsers can I use the extension?

Anycursor currently works on Chrome. It will soon be available for Edge and Firefox too.

How much it cost?

Nothing! Anycusror is still in beta, the only thing we need is your feedback :)

How do I log in to Anycursor?

You can log in to Anycursor with your Google account. No need to create and remember yet another password.

Can I extend Anycursor?

Yes, you can! We’re constantly shipping new apps so you can use your products through Anycursor. You can request apps (trigger embedded Tally form), or you can build them yourself by becoming an Anycursor partner.

Do you read my content?

Anycursor doesn’t store any of your data. The content is accessed through queries to the sources. So your data is safe. Also, Anycursor reads only context information about your documents, like the title and other metadata. You can read more in our privacy policy.

Which website does Anycursor work on?

Anycursor is meant to work on any text area on the web. We ensure compatibility with the most used products, e.g. email (Gmail), chat (Slack, Teams, Telegram) and document (Notion) tools.